How to survive the holiday season with glowing skin, festive spirit and a spritely spring in your step.

 I held out as long as I could, but I've finally come to accept that Autumn is here and Winter is knocking adamantly on the door.  As if the visual cues outside weren't enough, Brandon, Mellow Massage’s lead receptionist was telling me about a new Autumn Add On foot massage we offer as he mixed the clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon essential oils in the diffuser. Great! Now fall has taken over my olfactory system, too! With a smell that is…comforting…and relaxing…and kinda makes me think of the holidays and the family prep time that goes into it.  At least this year I’m fully prepared to remedy my stiff aching joints, winter blues, dry skin from overzealous central heating and mood fluctuations.

I lost my last bit of hope that I could resist the changing seasons during a similar conversation with Brandon in our lobby a couple of weeks ago. Staring out of our giant windows, I witnessed a panoramic view of the changing landscape that couldn't be denied. See I'm a Southerner and a genuine lover of all things sunny and hot! 85 degrees and above is my idea of the perfect weather forecast. Months of having to wear more than a single layer of clothing falls only slightly short of torture. So you can probably guess how I felt watching the cold wind whip the beautiful leaves right off the trees. 

I digress. 

If these last 14 years in the northeast have taught me nothing else, I become a different person in the fall and winter.  It’s a crucial time to frequently "check in" with myself as often as I reach out to other people. To make sure I am giving myself what I truly need, not just buying things because they're there. For me, that has always meant getting a massage. 

In previous Stay Mellow posts we've talked about the power of touch and how necessary it is for human survival. In each session massage therapists utilize various forms of therapeutic touch aimed at restoring a person's well being by producing a beneficial effect for the client. 

Let's take my example from earlier.  My stiff joints would definitely be addressed during the session so I'd physically feel better. After an hour (or 90 min if I stick to my budget!) of relaxing on the table there's no way my mood is anything but mellow. The lotion took care of my dry skin. And, emotionally, my head a little clearer so I can finally start to think through some of the things that were bothering me. After putting on all 4 of my layers of clothes, coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and ear muffs I walk out the door ready to embrace the weather and the holiday season, as well as sprinkle some extra sparkle on the world.  To sustainably look after others, you must first look after yourself.

Season’s greetings you guys! I'm am thankful for all of you keeping up with the Stay Mellow blog, visiting us at Mellow for yoga, acupuncture, and massage, and keeping up with us via social media! 

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