Is your deep tissue massage actually doing more harm to your body than good?

Before I could complete my muscle therapy program and take my licensing exam, I had to complete 65 "hands on" massage hours in our student clinic. In the beginning I was both nervous and very excited to finally be able to work with people I didn't know, with issues I wasn't familiar with. From Swedish techniques, to therapeutic massage, to deep tissue, I was honing my skills and really making a difference! My clients pretty much put their trust in me and together we made treatment plans to bring them relief. I had some great sessions and that really taught me a lot. It was pretty much smooth sailing…until my appointment with"CFG" (short for "Cross Fit Guy."). CFG was the poster child for all things highly intense. That's how he liked his workouts, and as I quickly found out, how he liked his massages. He walked in the door, introduced himself, flexed his hypertonic trapezius then said, " I want the deepest pressure you can give me!"

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