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Learn and Experience Reiki - What Is Reiki? Workshop and Reiki Share

  • Mellow Massage and Yoga 4023 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19129 United States (map)



If you have ever practiced Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditated, or had a Massage you may have experienced the flow of Energy (also called Ki, Qi or Prana). Maybe you've read about energy but would like an opportunity to explore it with experienced teachers. Maybe you're just curious ...

Reiki is a healing technique that works with energy. Energy (or ki ) enlivens us, animates our organs, floods our cells and tissues, and helps create equilibrium in the body. When Ki is blocked or interrupted and not flowing through the body efficiently, the tissues and organs are interrupted and we may become ill. When Ki flows effortlessly and is able to circulate through our entire body without interference, we feel better and are much more healthy. Learn about this process by attending “What Is Reiki”

Join Sarah Gawricki and Carrie Pierce for an informative, easy to understand Reiki workshop followed by a Reiki share! “What Is Reiki” is a relaxed and safe workshop that will teach you the basic principles of this Japanese healing technique. Reiki honors ALL lifestyles and spiritual traditions and requires no philosophical affiliation. All are safe and welcome. 

This workshop is for you if ...

You have heard of Reiki but would like to learn more
You are curious about energy (or Prana/Qui ) or just curious in general
You would like to enhance a meditation or self care practice
You have received Reiki but didn't quite understand it
You are interested in getting a Reiki treatment
You are interested in taking a Reiki certification class

Mellow Massage and Yoga (In Dobson Mills)
4023 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129
(215) 843-2234

Workshop is from 2pm -3pm with Reiki Share to Follow at 3 pm.

Q: Do I need to prepare? 
A: No preparation is needed. Come as you are.

Q: Do need a Reiki certification?
A: You do NOT need a Reiki certification

Q: Do I need to know how to meditate?
A: Nope. Even if you have never meditated before you can experience Reiki

Q: Will I need to disrobe?
A: Never necessary. We do not disrobe in Reiki sessions nor will it be a massage. You do not even need to be touched unless you consent :)

Q: Do I need equipment?
A: Just your awesome self. We will be seated or lying down, so if you require a cushion you are welcome to bring one. Notebooks are also welcome but not required. 

Q: What if I don't want to be touched?
A: We honor consent. Reiki touch is never applied to personal or intimate areas of the body and is applied fully clothed. Before you receive Reiki you will given a chance to express your preferences/needs. 

Q: Can I arrive late or leave early?
A: To keep things rolling smoothly, we ask that you arrive by 1:55, and to be settled and comfortable by 2PM. You may arrive as early as 1:45. If you absolutely must arrive late due to work or traffic we understand that exceptions happen. You can call Mellow Massage to check in and see if your late arrival is ok. 

Q: Do I need to attend both “What Is Reiki” and the Reiki Share?
A: You are welcome to attend both but not required. What is Reiki is a workshop for beginners. If you are a beginner, it is nice to stay and experience reiki at a share. If you are not a beginner and would like to attend only the Reiki Share you are VERY welcome. If you are only attending the share please arrive by 3:00.



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