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Stress Management Tricks for Busy People

Everyone’s busy these days! The more we do, the more stress we tend to accumulate. Join recovering busy person, Vanessa Hazzard, for an hour long workshop on how to manage stress and build healthy habits along the way. We’ll discuss:

· Preparation: Learn the power of food prep and nutrition for stress reduction

· Simple Mindfulness Hacks: Introduce simple and accessible tools to slow the heart rate and increase mental clarity through breathing techniques and essential oils

· Get Moving! Learn easy stretches and exercises to use throughout the day

· Recognizing Your Body’s Unique Stress Triggers We’ll create personalized strategies to keep your stress levels in check!

Cost: $15


About Instructor:

Vanessa Hazzard, Yoga Studio Director at Mellow Massage & Yoga

Since 2002, Vanessa has made it her business to help busy people relieve stress and take care of their bodies. As an internationally-trained massage therapist, yoga instructor, and author, she brings a well-rounded approach to self-care.