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The word yoga is Sanskrit for "union". The ancient practice of yoga is meant to unite of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness and instill a sense of freedom and liberation from the rigors of the mind. There are eight limbs of yoga, the most well-known being “asana” or postures. The postures are the physical practice of yoga, which is meant to provide strength and flexibility and prepare the body for meditation. Yoga has many benefits including: increased flexibility, mental discipline and focus, increased blood flow, builds muscular strength, lowers blood pressure, deepens sleep, and much more.

Mellow Yoga Studio offers classes for all levels of practice. Our teachers are experienced and offer safe and intelligent yoga sequencing. To deepen your practice, we offer monthly workshops with guest teachers, as well as private yoga sessions. We encourage pre-registering online for classes and workshops. Walk-ins are welcome as well. Click on the class schedule to reserve your space.

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The Drop-in rate for class is $15. For more information about other special rates, series & memberships, please click here.

To inquire about one-on-one or small group sessions, email us at  

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