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Food Energetics and Beauty

Join our Holistic Health Coach Diana for our Food Energetics and Beauty Class!

In this class you will learn how the food we eat not only impacts our energy but also our appearance. The energy food provides plays a large role in our appearance. In this class you will learn the science of our food and the connection it has to our beauty. You will learn what foods add vibration to our skin and what foods don't, you will also learn all the beauty products that live in your kitchen for not only the inside of your body but the outside too. You will learn what foods to eat for your skin type and come away with some great DIY recipes. Join us and walk away feeling not only vibrant, but beautiful too.



As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Diana Gonzalez is a wellness and healthy lifestyle guide and a supportive mentor. Together with her clients, she will work to reach your healthy eating and lifestyle goals. In working with Diana, you will develop a deeper understanding of your body and of the foods and lifestyle choices that will work best for you,  as well as implementing the necessary changes that will work for you as a bio-individual. These changes will improve your health, wellness and bring balance to your overall wellness and lifestyle.